Pea Soup(er) Spiel
Saturday, November 26, 2022, 09:00am - 11:00pm

We're bringing back a classic of the Beaumont Curling Club, digging into our 60+ year history.

Built on the Pea Soup Spiel where the winners had to drink Pea Soup out of the winning trophy (we won't do that now we promise), the Pea Soup(er) Spiel combines the superfoods (soup, salad, and sandwiches) with curling in this one-day event. So come out and have some fun, enjoy some good soup, and help us revive and reinvent this classic of a bonspiel! 

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Located in beautiful downtown Beaumont Alberta, the Beaumont Curling Club is the social hub for all things curling and local community events. We are committed to providing a great experience for all who walk through our doors. Stop by to curl, have a few drinks, catch the game on TV, or host your event with us. It's always a great time at the BCC.

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