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Tuesday @ 5:15 PM - 6:30 PM (Registration @5pm intruction starts at 5:15 sharpe) 

Whether you're new to curling or have 1 or more years under your belt, our U18 Program is here for you! 

  • First night is October 10th ending March 19th. No curling Oct. 31 Dec. 26, Jan. 2.
  • $210/person
  • Year 1 Beaumont Junior Hoodies are supplied by the club, if a junior loses or grows out of the hoodie a 50% discount will be offered for a second hoodie. A Beaumont Junior Hoodie is required for each Junior.
  • Each parent will need to volunteer for 4hrs per year. (sign up sheets will be provided)
  • Juniors 9 years and younger, and 1st year juniors, are required to have head protection. This can include a hockey helmet, bike helmet, ski helmet, or curling head gear. 10 and older is recommended to wear head gear at all times.
  • All juniors are required to have a seperate CLEAN pair of shoes, grippers for each foot is required (20% discount in the office on junior equipment). Juniors can also sign out grippers for a deposit of $30 that will be returned at the end of the season if returned, at a first come first served basis.
  • ***Junior Brooms are supplied

****Our junior weekend (Kevin Pengelly Junior Spiel) will be hosted on Feb 10-11. More info to follow.****


Junior Night Curlers will be split into beginner and intermediate groups. October will be mainly for instruction. Starting in November the first 15 minutes will be instruction, then each junior will be placed onto teams to compete in the junior league.


Beginner group curlers:

  • Learn how to sweep, throw, keep score, and have fun in a group environment while learning the game
  • Become familiar and comfortable with your new skills; we'll introduce games and strategy

Intermediate group curlers:

  • Learn new sweeping and sliding techniques, improved rock releases and timing, game strategy (includes off ice sessions)
  • Enter into the Edmonton Youth Curling Association (EYCA) for an additional cost
  • Team will receive team club jackets to represent our club at various U18 bonspiels for an additional cost


More Info:

  • Enter into the Clubs' spiels where you and your team can have fun while also winning cash and prizes
  • Parents, grandparents, close family are invited to participate in our "Kids and Adults" Christmas and Wind-up parties
  • Juniors pay $210/person (instead of $420/person) for any 1 evening league




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